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Self-Inking Pre-Inking Handle Type Styles




At Allmark Impressions, “We Are Your Friendly Rubber Stamp Company” and have a wide selection of quality custom stamps to handle your marking needs.  From heavy duty steel framed units for industrial use to self-inking and pre-inked stamps, we’ve got it all.

Since there are hundreds of marking applications, you may not see exactly what you are looking for here. Please contact us for further assistance with any special projects, quantity quotes and any other questions you may have.

Self-Inking Stamps are perfect for many applications giving you thousands of high quality impressions without the use of an ink pad. When necessary, stamps are easily re-inked. These stamps are ergonomically designed for comfort and will give reliable impressions for many years.

Pre-Inked Stamps have outstanding impression quality and many additional sizes to choose from. The PSI (premium self-inker) lasts three to five times longer than self-inkers and the XL2 guarantees 50,000 impressions before re-inking. We use the absolute latest in pre-inked stamp technology. All our pre-inked mounts come with a dust cover base and are easily re-inked for a lifetime of use.

Handle Stamps are excellent communication devices. Custom stamps can be individually designed by our staff or made directly from your camera-ready, black and white artwork or e-mailed file.


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